Tuesday, 2 March 2021

The Umbrella Puzzles - A Slowly Dawning Realization

Released: 26 Feb 2021
Label: Subjangle
Listen and Buy Here

The Umbrella Puzzles, is the work of Ryan Marquez of California, and this is their debut album after an EP in 2019. The sound is very lo-fi with hints of the Velvet Underground. 

I was a bit late in 'getting' this artist, but on hearing the opening track - 'Slip Through The Cracks', I was immediately hooked. It has that 60s chiming guitar sound and there are hints of The Byrds here too. It is super melodic with memorable hooks.

Other highlights here include 'Sinking Ground'  which has more 80s jangle vibes and brought to mind The Go-Betweens.  'Everyone Knows It' is more heartfelt indie pop goodness. 'A Stone's Throw Away' has more lovely melodies, it reminded me a bit of 80s band The Vaselines too with its simplicity.

It ends on 'A Slowly Dawning Realization' which is more laid back with vivid lyrics and again the hooks are strong.

A wonderful debut and a hugely enjoyable listen. Sadly cds sold out very quickly (its easy to see why!) but its still available to download. It is well worth keeping an eye on the Subjangle label too.

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