Friday, 25 February 2022

The Pierce Kingans - May I Pierce Upon You

Released: 25 Feb 2022
Label: Subjangle
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The Pierce Kingans, from Vancouver, are back with another wonderful compilation cd on the Subjangle label. It follows on from the previous one - Pierce and Love to All The World (2020). It is an epic two disc collection of songs from a number of EPs released last year.   

They have a unique lo-fi sound. I still find it hard to find comparable bands, but amongst the closest are outsider artist - Daniel Johnston. It also brought to mind The Strokes, especially vocally. 

The first disc opens with 'Giving it Up' which is ultra melodic and catchy guitar pop. The hooks are superb and it is instantly memorable, like many of the songs here. The layered vocal harmonies are used effectively.   

There are an impressive 30 songs here, each one sounding entirely different. Other highlights include 'Validation' which is quirky and a lot of fun, with more uplifting melodies. 'Thinking about Someone Else' has Kinks vibes and is an insanely simple but captivating song about a relationship going wrong!

My favourite here is 'To Lose', which is under 2 minute pop at its finest. It will have you reaching for the repeat button straight away. The second disc ends on 'Don't Love The Ones You Trust', which is more of a gentle love song. It is upbeat in melody but with melancholic, heartbreaking lyrics. 

A superb compilation, full of lost gems, perfect if you want to hear something a bit different. Highly recommended.