Thursday, 23 December 2021

Colours Through The Air Best of 2021 Albums and Songs

It was so hard to choose but here is the Colours Through The Air 'Best Of' post. My favourite albums and songs of 2021. With the songs, it is one song from each artist.

I have chosen RW Hedges for best album and song. A lovely album which although is short, all the songs are beautifully crafted. Just heartfelt, memorable songs which is what it should be about really. Read the full review here 

I felt these albums were the strongest overall and had the most impact on me. You can find the reviews for all the albums (apart from Ghost Dance Collective and Reigning Sound which were late discoveries) on this blog.  


1. RW Hedges - Year After Year 
2. Daniel Wylie's Cosmic Rough Riders - Atoms and Energy
3. Sandra's Wedding - Pleasure Grounds
4. Jim McCulloch - When I Mean What I Say 
5. Sky Diving Penguins - Sky Diving Penguins
6. Reigning Sound - A Little More Time With Reigning Sound
7. Rural France - RF 
8. Sister John - I Am By Day
9. Kevin Robertson - Sundown's End 
10. Ghost Dance Collective - Dream Yourself Into The Real World


1. RW Hedges - Travelling Road 
2. Sky Diving Penguins - Run Boy 
3. The Pierce Kingans - To Lose 
4. Reigning Sound - You Don't Know What You're Missing
5. Sandra's Wedding - Lovin' Life
6. Jim McCulloch - Come Little Waves of Light 
7. Sister John - In My Place 
8. The Sadies - Stop and Start
9. The Laughing Chimes - Try To Change My Mind
10. The Shop Window - Out of Reach

All in all, it has been a good year and I have found so much great music from doing this blog. Thanks so much to everyone who has shown an interest/sent music to me.

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Sky Diving Penguins - Sky Diving Penguins

Released: 1 Dec 2021
Label: _
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Sky Diving Penguins, from Tbilisi, Georgia, are a recent discovery for me. This is their long awaited debut album, after an EP back in 2001.   

Their sound is heavily Beatles inspired, especially the opener 'I Don't Want, I Don't Care'. It is a piano driven ballad, with devastating lyrics and themes of depression. As English is not their first language, not all of it makes perfect sense but it is so heartfelt and shows fragility.   

'Serotonin' has a heavier edge and is very 90s with Nirvana vibes. 'This is Breaking Me Apart' is a gorgeous Folk song with hints of Radiohead. There are some lovely vocal harmonies and intricate flute playing. The variety of sounds and styles on this album means it always manages to be captivating.

My favourite here is 'Run Boy' a charming pop song, with psychedelic lyrics. It describes a perfect place with candy rainbows, trees made of bubblegum e.t.c. and where 'everyone is a Beatles fan'. Its about finding happiness, and is just over 2 minutes of pure joy. 

Other highlights include the epic 'About One Hermit' which has beautiful orchestral production and is hugely emotional. 'Depressed or Bored' has 60s Psych vibes with quirky, yet wistful lyrics - "Anyone can be unsure. As I grow old, time only matters."

A magnificent debut, full of wonderfully written songs with so much depth. Highly recommended.

Friday, 17 December 2021

Moonlight Parade - What If?

Released: 26 Nov 2021
Label: _
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Moonlight Parade, from Worthing UK, are back with a new album. It is a superb listen, full of melodic and memorable jangle pop gems.   

Their sound recalls the 90s indie of Oasis' softer sounding music. Album opener 'Amsterdam' is quite anthemic, but it is enjoyable with lovely melodies and heartfelt vocals.   

My favourite here is the sublime 'Hanging Around', which I had on repeat in the Summer. It has hints of The La's and is a laid back love song of the highest standard.

Other highlights include 'The Way I Feel', which has lovely harmonies and melancholic lyrics. 'No Way of Knowing' is more psych sounding and brought to mind The Beta Band. 'White Horses' is more stripped back, acoustic Folk and is an emotional listen.

A hugely enjoyable album, full of guitar pop gems. Highly recommended.