Friday, 20 December 2019

The Hangabouts - Colors of Christmas

Released: 26 Nov 2019
Label: _
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This is another great original Christmas song, released this year. The Hangabouts, from Detroit, are relatively new to me. Their superbly catchy, melodic pop songs caught my attention earlier this year. Especially the brilliant 'Who Wants Cilla?' released as part of the Big Stir singles.  

'Colors of Christmas' captures the joy of Christmas perfectly, with some of the sweetest harmonies. It has lots of retro festive charm. The sound is reminiscent of the Beach Boys, in places. 

Its also very well produced with lots of bells to create that Christmas magic, which is often hard for new original songs to accomplish.

A highly recommended Christmas song. One which I will definitely be playing for years to come.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Os Noctambulos - Silence Kills

Released: 29 Nov 2019
Label: Stolen Body Records
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Parisian Psych band Os Noctambulos are fairly new and this album is a fantastic listen. There are many other purveyors of retro 60's psych but this is done so well, it sounds authentic. 

'Sanitise Me' opens the album brilliantly. It has a very raw sound and brought to mind The 13th Floor Elevators. The vocals are almost screamed giving it a heavy sound, but it still has the strong hooks of guitar pop.

'Living A Lie' is my favourite song here and a lot more melodic. The harmonies are dreamy and its instantly catchy and memorable. It is still very 60's sounding, reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane. 'Come Back To Me' is another highlight. A simple yet beautiful song, with great use of strings and lovely harmonies.

It ends on the sublime 'Is She There?' which is so heartfelt and almost timeless in quality. A highly recommended album.

The band also have another project with a slightly different lineup called 'The Necessary Separations'. This album has more Americana vibes and is also well worth checking out. Full of superb songs and beautiful pedal steel. Listen to the album here

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Wyatt Blair - For The First Time EP

Released: 13 Dec 2019
Label: Lolipop Records
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Wyatt Blair from LA is a recent discovery for me and his new EP is superb. Every song here sounds like it could have been a radio hit in the 80's.

His sound brings to mind The Romantics and other Power Pop/New Wave bands. 'Cherry Rose' is sensationally catchy. Its so upbeat with great pop hooks. The excellent 'Pop Your Heart Out' is more of the same.

My favourite song on the EP is '(I'll Keep) Searching For You' is brilliantly melodic and the chorus is very uplifting. 'Boys Night Out' is more upbeat with punk energy.

On the whole, this is a hugely enjoyable EP and well worth checking out if you like more 80's sounding Power Pop with strong hooks and harmonies. Highly recommended.

Thursday, 12 December 2019

RW Hedges & Luca Nieri - Christmas Ghost Waltz

Released: 13 Dec 2019
Label: Wonderfulsound
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RW Hedges and Luca Nieri have a new single and this is actually a song for Christmas. It has all the magic of their winter's song - 'Never Too Bright' and will transport you back to the Victorian era.

'Christmas Ghost Waltz' is beautifully written and produced. It has lots of childhood fairytale magic, telling the story of a young boy venturing into a haunted house at Christmas.

The black and white video is perfect, with so much detail and sets the scene so well. The imagery has a distinct Dickensian feel to it and brought back memories of films I had watched as a child, set in that era.

The sound has hints of The Everly Brothers and the subtlety of Leonard Cohen's song - 'Winter Lady'. It has so much charm and innocence, which in recent years, no one else has come close to creating. 

Hedges and Nieri are amazingly talented, yet unheard songwriters of the modern era. This is another wonderful song added to their impressive catalogue.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Colours Through The Air Best of 2019 Albums and Songs

It was so hard to choose but here is the Colours Through The Air 'Best Of' post. My favourite albums and songs of 2019. With the songs, it is one song from each artist.

I don't think the Dunkie album is released yet (expected this month) but there was no way I could not include it. You can find the reviews for these albums on this blog for more info. 


1. RW Hedges - The Hills Are Old Songs 
2. Dunkie - Working To Design 
3. The Vapour Trails - See You In The Next World 
4. Attic Lights - Love in the Time Of Shark Attacks 
5. ANC4 - ANC4 
6. The Jellybricks - Some Kind of Lucky 
7. The Brothers Steve - #1 
8. Paul Den Heyer - Everything So Far 
9. The Lilac Time - Return to Us 
10. The Rails - Cancel The Sun 


1. RW Hedges - Haven't Seen Her In A While 
2. Dunkie - Can A Song Save Your Life? 
3. The Prescriptions - Hollywood Gold 
4. The Vapour Trails - See You In The Next World 
5. The Late Pioneers - Let Me Tell You How It Hurts 
6. Amoeba Teen - Suit and Tie 
7. Nick Frater - Sunshine After Rain 
8. The Gold Needles - Here She Goes Again 
9. John Myrtle - Foggy 
10. Gospelbeach - Dark Angel

All in all, it has been a good year and I have found so much great music from doing this blog. Thanks so much to everyone who has shown an interest/sent music to me. There will be a lot more reviews to come.