Sunday, 15 December 2019

Wyatt Blair - For The First Time EP

Released: 13 Dec 2019
Label: Lolipop Records
Listen on Bandcamp

Wyatt Blair from LA is a recent discovery for me and his new EP is superb. Every song here sounds like it could have been a radio hit in the 80's.

His sound brings to mind The Romantics and other Power Pop/New Wave bands. 'Cherry Rose' is sensationally catchy. Its so upbeat with great pop hooks. The excellent 'Pop Your Heart Out' is more of the same.

My favourite song on the EP is '(I'll Keep) Searching For You' is brilliantly melodic and the chorus is very uplifting. 'Boys Night Out' is more upbeat with punk energy.

On the whole, this is a hugely enjoyable EP and well worth checking out if you like more 80's sounding Power Pop with strong hooks and harmonies. Highly recommended.

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