Friday, 20 December 2019

The Hangabouts - Colors of Christmas

Released: 26 Nov 2019
Label: _
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This is another great original Christmas song, released this year. The Hangabouts, from Detroit, are relatively new to me. Their superbly catchy, melodic pop songs caught my attention earlier this year. Especially the brilliant 'Who Wants Cilla?' released as part of the Big Stir singles.  

'Colors of Christmas' captures the joy of Christmas perfectly, with some of the sweetest harmonies. It has lots of retro festive charm. The sound is reminiscent of the Beach Boys, in places. 

Its also very well produced with lots of bells to create that Christmas magic, which is often hard for new original songs to accomplish.

A highly recommended Christmas song. One which I will definitely be playing for years to come.

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