Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Love Burns - It Should Have Been Tomorrow

Released: 4 Feb 2022
Label: Jigsaw Records
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Love, Burns is the new project of Phil Sutton, from New York, who is also in the band Pale Lights. His latest album is a superb listen and I felt it was a little overlooked, which is why the late review.   

The album opens with 'Dear Claire' which is melodic indie pop with Velvet Underground vibes. It is a heartfelt love song and instantly memorable.

Other highlights include 'Stormy Waters' which is upbeat and brilliantly catchy. 'Wired Eyes' has Summery vibes and again, there are superb pop hooks, like many of the songs here. You will want to play it on repeat!

My favourite here is 'Something Good' which has 60s Psych vibes and Surf-sounding guitars. It has a big chorus which will stay in your head, from first listen.

A hugely enjoyable album, especially for fans of lo-fi 60s guitar pop. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

The Warmbabies - Lets Live Underground

Released: 13 Nov 2021/Re-release Apr 2022
Label: Snap Records/Kool Kat
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French guitar pop band - The Warmbabies, are a recent discovery for me. Their album is full of wonderful Beatles inspired pop gems.   

The album opens with 'Its Not Her' which has plenty of great hooks and is perfect early Springtime listening.

My favourite here is 'You Should Never Have Crossed My Way' which is pure Powerpop brilliance. It is reminiscent of early Beatles so of course it is straight to the point, and instantly memorable.

Other highlights include 'Last Days of Summer' which is very upbeat and catchy. It is a lot of fun and there are some superb guitar solos. 'Lucille' is another standout and is 2 minute pop at its finest.

A hugely enjoyable listen, especially for fans of 60s guitar pop. Highly recommended.

Thursday, 17 March 2022

Cassette 50 - Solar Ship

Released: 7 Mar 2022
Label: _
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Cassette 50 is the new project of Nick Worrall from The Late Pioneers. His sound is an interesting mix of Folk and guitar pop, and his new album is a superb listen.   

The album opens with 'Happy Haunting Ground', which has 70s Folk vibes and vocal harmonies at the beginning, reminiscent of Crosby Stills and Nash. The lyrics are quite philosophical and thought-provoking - "Take your chances as they come, you'll never know when its the final one." 

'You're The One For Me' is a love song with quirky lyrics and a humorous tone. It is superbly melodic with great pop hooks.  

My favourite here is 'Something Missing' an acoustic ballad with some heartbreaking lyrics. The heartfelt simplicity and emotion in the vocals made it a very moving listen.

Other highlights include 'All For Nothing' which is more upbeat guitar pop with hints of later Teenage Fanclub, Cosmic Rough Riders e.t.c. 'The Lights Of Aberfan' is a beautiful yet sad song in memory of the Aberfan disaster. 

A superb album, full of heartfelt, memorable songs. Highly recommended.

Sunday, 13 March 2022

Under The Bridge - Compilation for fans of Sarah Records

Released: 18 Mar 2022
Label: Skepwax Records
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This is a superb compilation, featuring the new music of bands from the legendary indie pop label - Sarah Records. The Catenary Wires are amongst the many artists to feature here, whose album - Birling Gap was a highlight of last year.   

It opens with The Luxembourg Signal, who I'm not overly familiar with (something I should amend). The song has very chilled, laid back vibes and hints of C86 and Dreampop.  

My favourite here is Even As We Speak - Begins Goodbye. The band are from Sydney and have been making indie pop records since the 80s. The song is very upbeat and catchy, and one to enjoy on repeat.  

Other highlights include St Christopher - Stornaway, which is superb 80s sounding jangle with memorable hooks. There were hints of Aztec Camera, Orange Juice e.t.c. 

Jetstream Pony - Strood McD F.C. is very Summery and anthemic 3 minute pop. It features the vocals of Beth Arzy who is also in the Luxembourg Signal. Sepiasound - Arcadian is a beautifully orchestral, and very moving instrumental. The Catenary Wires - Wall of Sound is indie pop of the highest standard and a lot of fun.

A really enjoyable compilation with a superb selection of artists and a variety of sounds.  Highly recommended for fans of 80s indie pop/jangle.

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Cowgirl - Cowgirl

Released: 4 Mar 2022
Label: Safe Suburban Home
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Cowgirl, from York, are a recent discovery for me. If you like straight to the point, melodic songs full of great hooks and energy, this is for you.   

They remind me of one of my favourite new artists of last year (Rural France) and it was actually them who recommended the band on Twitter. 

The album opens with 'Better With You' which is superbly catchy 2 minute pop. Their sound has a slightly heavier edge and brought to mind late 80s/early 90s alternative of The Jesus and Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr.  

Other highlights include 'Time Moves Along' which is Summery and anthemic, recalling early Teenage Fanclub. 'Is What it Is' has fast guitars and hints of Punk.

My favourite here is 'Figure it Out' which is more superb guitar pop with memorable hooks. 

A really enjoyable album, full of melodic gems which instantly stick with you. Highly recommended.