Tuesday, 22 November 2022

The Lunar Towers - Hurry Up and Wait EP

Released: 18 Nov 2022
Label: Colorama Records
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The Lunar Towers are a new band from London and this is their debut EP. It is full of superbly melodic indie pop with great hooks. 

Opening song 'Plastic Glass Towers' is very jangly, recalling late 80s/early 90s indie pop. The guitars are quite fast and energetic, with hints of RIDE and early Teenage Fanclub.

'Southern Love' is wonderfully uplifting, Byrds-inspired guitar pop. It is infectiously catchy and a song to enjoy on repeat.

My favourite here is the lovely ballad 'Back To You' which is simple and heartfelt, with hints of The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning. Again, the hooks are superb and it is instantly memorable.
A great EP, from a band well worth investigating. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Crossword Smiles - Pressed & Ironed

Released: 16 Sept 2022
Label: Big Stir
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Crossword Smiles are a band from Michigan, consisting of Tom Curless (Your Gracious Host) and Chip Saam (The Hangabouts). This is their debut, which I felt was overlooked at the time, so thought I'd go back and review. 

The album opens with 'Feet on the Ground' which is superbly anthemic guitar pop. Their sound is reminiscent of Big Star, and also the 90s power pop band - Velvet Crush.

My favourite here is the upbeat 'The Girl With A Penchant for Yellow' which has brilliant pop hooks and is a lot of fun.

Other highlights include 'Where's The Sense' which again is wonderfully catchy. There are some lovely vocal harmonies. 'Walk Softly' is more melodic and atmospheric, with hints of Country and Folk.
A superb album, from a band well worth checking out. Highly recommended.

Sunday, 13 November 2022

Dot Dash - Madman in the Rain

Released: 5 Nov 2022
Label: The Beautiful Music
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Dot Dash, from Washington D.C. have been making music for a while but are a relatively new discovery for me. Their sound is a mixture of more melodic indie/jangle, with hints of Punk. 

The album opens with 'Forever Far Out' which is my favourite here. It is wonderfully catchy, bringing to mind classic 70s Mod/Punk of The Jam.

Other highlights include 'Tense and Nervous' which is fast 2 minute pop and joyously energetic. 'Animal Stone' is moody 60s-inspired Psych at its finest, bringing to mind The Action.

'Everything = Dust' is slightly heavier Punk, but more fun than angry, which is often the case with the genre. 'Wokeupdreaming' is sublime and more laid back, with hints of Velvet Underground and The Byrds.
A superb album, full of memorable melodies and a variety of styles. Highly recommended.

Thursday, 10 November 2022

Ian M Bailey - You Paint The Pictures

Released: 28 Oct 2022
Label: Kool Kat
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Ian M Bailey is back with a new album, of Byrds-inspired guitar pop. Again it is co-written by Daniel Wylie (of Cosmic Rough Riders). 

It opens with 'Paint The Pictures', which is wonderfully uplifting and Summery. It has a big anthemic chorus and like many of the songs here, is instantly memorable.

My favourite here is 'I Wanted The Sun To Shine' which is a sweet love song, bringing to mind R.E.M. The lyrics are melancholic and thought-provoking. - "This World is a mystery, like a sound in a Cemetery. Like a wheel that turns this life, but no-one really dares."  

Other highlights include 'I Don't Want To Start Again', which is more jangle of the highest standard and brought to mind later Teenage Fanclub. 'Hey Little Girl' is beautifully melodic, with orchestral production adding to the emotional impact. 'Lover's Song' is reminiscent of Neil Young, with hints of Americana. 
A lovely Album, with Summery vibes, even on these cold Autumn days. Highly recommended.

Thursday, 3 November 2022

Professor Yaffle - Let There Be Light

Released: 17 Oct 2022
Label: _
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Professor Yaffle, from Liverpool, is back with a new album. It is a beautifully uplifting listen, the sound being a mixture of indie, folk and psych.  

It opens with 'Most Of My Air' which is wonderfully laid back, yet with some bleak lyrics. The production is superb, with some excellent guitar work. It is hard to find comparisons but there are definitely hints of Pink Floyd's more ambient music.   

Other highlights include 'Something Beyond Beautiful', which is lovely and melodic, with heartfelt lyrics. Again, it is well produced with sweeping strings and intricate piano. 'Tears In My Eyes' is more Folk sounding and melancholic. 'Someday' is one of the sweetest love songs I have heard lately. It is honest lyrically, with magical sounding xylophones. 

My favourite here is 'You Make It All Worthwhile' which has some lovely vocal harmonies and a chorus which instantly stays in your mind.
A brilliant album, with great attention to detail, full of epic soundscapes and heartfelt songs. Highly recommended listening for Autumn evenings.