Sunday, 20 December 2020

Colours Through The Air Best of 2020 Albums and Songs

It was so hard to choose but here is the Colours Through The Air 'Best Of' post. My favourite albums and songs of 2020. With the songs, it is one song from each artist.

I have chosen Luca Nieri for best album and song. Even though the album is only very short and a lot of the songs are covers, it had the most impact on me. I also played it the most as it is just really beautiful. 

I felt these albums were the strongest overall and had me skipping tracks the least. It is better to have quality over quantity. You can find the reviews for all the albums on this blog.  


1. Luca Nieri - Always You 
2. Thomas Scott Quintet - Marionette
3. National Honor Society - To All The Glory We Never Had 
4. Paul Molloy - The Fifth Dandelion 
5. Blake - 1971
6. Snowgoose - The Making Of You 
7. Trevor Beld Jimenez - I Like It Here 
8. Rosie Abbott - Magnified 
9. mylittlebrother - Howl 
10. The Vapour Trails - Golden Sunshine 


1. Luca Nieri - Always You 
2. The Pierce Kingans - How Could I Forget 
3. Thomas Scott Quintet - Crowded World 
4. Paul Molloy - My Madonna
5. Honeywagen - For Love 
6. The Foreign Films - Birds In A Blue Sky 
7. Dropkick - Feeling Never Goes Away 
8. Hazel English - Off My Mind 
9. Smokescreens - I Love Only You 
10. Pelicat - The Other Side

All in all, it has been a good year and I have found so much great music from doing this blog. Thanks so much to everyone who has shown an interest/sent music to me. There will be a lot more reviews to come.

Friday, 18 December 2020

Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans - Love and Optimism

Released: 27 Oct 2020
Label: A Turntable Friend
Listen and Buy Here

Davey Woodward, from Bristol UK, is a new discovery for me. He was originally in 80s jangle band The Brilliant Corners. His new album is a superb listen and less jangly, instead with hints of 90s indie rock. 

'Bad Day' opens the album and had vibes of Pavement and R.E.M. It is quite hard-hitting about lifes struggles - loneliness and money worries. The lyrics are vividly detailed and it really puts you in the place of the narrator.

'Hard' is a heartbreaking ballad about a failing relationship. The lyrics are quite bleak - 'My face is lined, from this endless road. The black rainbows where nothing flows.'

My favourite here is the gloriously melodic 'Northern Slopes'. It is a lot more simple than the majority of the songs here, and instantly memorable. It is good to have something a bit more light-hearted as many of the songs here are quite dark.

Other highlights include 'Occupy this Space' which is an honest and heartfelt love song. Again, it is wonderfully melodic and the hints of brass are so effective too. 'The Mall' has superb storytelling, reminiscent of Dylan, and is a sad song about coming to terms with loss - 'So how come I'm the one thats still alive, when you're the one who was supposed to survive?' It ends on 'Clara's Ghost' which has more folk vibes and hints of Velvet Underground. 

An essential listen, with heartfelt songs and vivid storytelling. Highly recommended.

Friday, 11 December 2020

Regional Creeps - No One Cares

Released: 27 Nov 2020
Label: Regional Records
Listen and Buy Here

Regional Creeps, from South Yorkshire UK, release their second album and its full of catchy indie pop gems.

It opens with 'Hard to Choose' which is energetic and extremely anthemic. Their sound is very much C86 indie/jangle inspired. It also bought to mind recent bands like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Spinning Coin.

'Andy's Gone' is moody sounding with twangy guitars. It creates an eerie sound and is very cool. I could imagine it being played at student indie discos e.t.c.

My favourite here is 'Do It For Yourself', which is full of great melody and hooks. It is laid back with shimmering guitars and would make perfect listening for hazy Summer days.

Other highlights include 'No Offence', which is very upbeat and full of energy. 'Maybe I Will' has some great harmonies. The sound is distorted but never overly so, which is often the case with this type of music.

'Dizzy' closes the album in style. This one was quite hypnotic and sounds a little bit shoegaze too. 

A superb album full of wonderful indie pop anthems. Definitely a band to watch out for. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Trevor Beld Jimenez - I Like It Here

Released: 13 Nov 2020
Label: Curation Records
Listen and Buy Here

Trevor Beld Jimenez, from L.A, releases his debut solo album and it is a superb listen. He has played drums and co-written songs for Gospelbeach who are a favourite of mine.

The sound naturally bought to mind the laid-back Americana of Gospelbeach (Brent Rademaker provides bass and vocals on the record). Also there are of course hints of Tom Petty and Crosby Stills & Nash too.

'Moment' is a strong opener, anthemic and Summery with an instantly memorable chorus. 'Get Ready To Fly' is more upbeat, feel good guitar pop.

Other highlights here include 'Saved Me' which is a beautiful and highly emotional love song with 60s West Coast harmonies. 'Comeback Kid' demonstrates wonderful storytelling, with Bob Dylan vibes. 

'TRS (True Love)' is the standout on the album, for me. A brilliant Country Pop anthem with a chorus which really soars. 

'Saying Goodbye To A Friend' is a heartfelt tribute to Neal Casal, his friend and band mate who sadly passed away in 2019. It is beautifully melodic with heartbreaking lyrics. - 'The World just couldn't keep you. You tried to defend. Now I'm saying goodbye to a friend'. 

It ends on 'Your Love Surrounds Me' another superb and moving ballad.

A very enjoyable listen and will bring a bit of Summer to these cold Winter days. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Colours Through The Air Christmas Playlist

Its that time of year again so for a bit of fun, I have put together a Spotify Playlist of my favourite underappreciated Christmas songs. These are not the ones you will hear played on the radio e.t.c. all the time. There is a mix of recent and some older ones.

The opening song could only be Hangabouts - Colors of Christmas from last year. It just brings lovely Xmas cheer, the melody and lyrics work so well.

Some of my other favourites are The Pale Fountains - Benoit's Christmas, and Attic Lights - Why Should Christmas Be So Hard?

I hope you all enjoy. Merry Christmas to all, thanks to everyone who has supported me with this music blog.

You can listen to the Spotify playlist, including more songs here