Friday, 11 December 2020

Regional Creeps - No One Cares

Released: 27 Nov 2020
Label: Regional Records
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Regional Creeps, from South Yorkshire UK, release their second album and its full of catchy indie pop gems.

It opens with 'Hard to Choose' which is energetic and extremely anthemic. Their sound is very much C86 indie/jangle inspired. It also bought to mind recent bands like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Spinning Coin.

'Andy's Gone' is moody sounding with twangy guitars. It creates an eerie sound and is very cool. I could imagine it being played at student indie discos e.t.c.

My favourite here is 'Do It For Yourself', which is full of great melody and hooks. It is laid back with shimmering guitars and would make perfect listening for hazy Summer days.

Other highlights include 'No Offence', which is very upbeat and full of energy. 'Maybe I Will' has some great harmonies. The sound is distorted but never overly so, which is often the case with this type of music.

'Dizzy' closes the album in style. This one was quite hypnotic and sounds a little bit shoegaze too. 

A superb album full of wonderful indie pop anthems. Definitely a band to watch out for. Highly recommended.

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