Sunday, 20 December 2020

Colours Through The Air Best of 2020 Albums and Songs

It was so hard to choose but here is the Colours Through The Air 'Best Of' post. My favourite albums and songs of 2020. With the songs, it is one song from each artist.

I have chosen Luca Nieri for best album and song. Even though the album is only very short and a lot of the songs are covers, it had the most impact on me. I also played it the most as it is just really beautiful. 

I felt these albums were the strongest overall and had me skipping tracks the least. It is better to have quality over quantity. You can find the reviews for all the albums on this blog.  


1. Luca Nieri - Always You 
2. Thomas Scott Quintet - Marionette
3. National Honor Society - To All The Glory We Never Had 
4. Paul Molloy - The Fifth Dandelion 
5. Blake - 1971
6. Snowgoose - The Making Of You 
7. Trevor Beld Jimenez - I Like It Here 
8. Rosie Abbott - Magnified 
9. mylittlebrother - Howl 
10. The Vapour Trails - Golden Sunshine 


1. Luca Nieri - Always You 
2. The Pierce Kingans - How Could I Forget 
3. Thomas Scott Quintet - Crowded World 
4. Paul Molloy - My Madonna
5. Honeywagen - For Love 
6. The Foreign Films - Birds In A Blue Sky 
7. Dropkick - Feeling Never Goes Away 
8. Hazel English - Off My Mind 
9. Smokescreens - I Love Only You 
10. Pelicat - The Other Side

All in all, it has been a good year and I have found so much great music from doing this blog. Thanks so much to everyone who has shown an interest/sent music to me. There will be a lot more reviews to come.


  1. I'll gonna have to add all of them to my Spotify. Thank you Julie for promoting and sharing the love for indie music

  2. Great lists Julie...and well done on 18 months doing the blog. It always gets me out of my left field comfort zone !!! Cheers Daz