Friday, 18 September 2020

The Electorate - You Don't Have Time To Stay Lost

Released: 18 Sept 2020
Label: _
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The Electorate, from Sydney Australia, are a new discovery for me and this is their debut. It is full of melodic and energetic guitar pop gems.

It opens with 'Number 1' which is dark and moody with vivid philosophical lyrics. 'Enormous Glorious Girl' is much more light-hearted and a superb pop song. It has a chorus that really soars.

Other highlights include 'If I Knew' which has to be my favourite here. Brilliantly melodic and anthemic, reminiscent of the best of 00s indie/guitar pop, such as Idlewild e.t.c. Right up my street and it even name drops Fugazi who are obviously an influence here.

'Hercules' has 90s Britpop meets Sgt Peppers Beatles vibes, and themes of climate change with quirky lyrics - 'Well its been strange, strange weather we've been having. Think we've gone down twisting in a sea of plastic.'

'A Good Man' has some great guitar riffs. If you like a slightly heavier edge, this band is for you. Lyrically it is quite angry and has themes of Womens rights - 'You should be able to walk without feeling threatened. You should be able to wear whatever the hell that you want to.'

A superb debut album, full of anthemic indie, covering some important issues. Highly recommended.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Cassette 50 - Jetmobile

Released: 10 Sept 2020
Label: _
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Cassette 50 is the new project of The Late Pioneers - Nick Worrall. As you might already know I am a big Late Pioneers fan and 'Let Me Tell You How It Hurts' was one of my favourite songs of last year.

It opens with 'Can You Hear The New Revolution', which is upbeat, catchy guitar pop with political lyrics. - 'You're fencing off the hills and the rivers and you're pocketing the gain. Together you can gamble a country and profit from the pain' It sounds like it could be an anti-Brexit song.

Other highlights include 'The Light Behind the Trees' which is catchy with the 90s vibes of Oasis and Teenage Fanclub.

'The Ichneumonidae' is about inequality and the evils of the capitalist society, people born into wealth. e.t.c. Again it has some great melodies and is very memorable.

'The Sunlight Underground' has more psychedelic folk vibes. 'Always in Doubt' is more superb 90s sounding indie with an anthemic chorus. 

An excellent album, both lyrically and melodically. Highly recommended.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Colours Through The Air Autumn Playlist

So Autumn is upon us and for a bit of fun, I have put together a playlist of my favourite Autumnal songs. There is a mixture of recent and old but I feel all of these really capture the magic of the season.

The opening song could only be RW Hedges - Amber Room which was released last year. You can read the review here  There are a couple of songs from his songwriting partner Luca Nieri as well, whose music particularly feels Autumnal for me. A review for his new album can be found here

Some of my other favourites are The Superimposers - Autumn Falls, and The Asteroid No. 4 - The Windmill of the Autumn Sky. I've also included some classics from The Kinks (you could probably guess which), The Pale Fountains, Big Star, The Beach Boys and Dusty Springfield. 

I hope you all enjoy. If its a success I might have to do a Winter one next.

You can listen to the Spotify playlist, including more songs here:

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The National Honor Society - To All The Glory We Never Had

Released: 28 May 2020
Label: Kocliko Records
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This is a great album from about 4 months ago which had passed me by. The National Honor Society, from Seattle, are a new discovery for me and they have 90s jangle vibes.

It opens with 'Turn Me On' which has a slightly heavier edge but is still super catchy and energetic. I hear hints of Oasis but it does not have the sneer and attitude and is a lot more fun.

'Everybody Lives and Breathes' has 90s Britpop vibes and an ultra melodic chorus like the more Psychedelic side to The Beatles.

'Crystalize' is more melodic pop goodness, with highly memorable hooks. The album does require a few listens to really appreciate it fully. 'First Among The Last' has more 80s vibes and synths.

The standout song for me is 'Never Gonna Make It Happen' which has some superb harmonies and hints of 60s jangle, complete with sha la la la's. 'When We Ruled The School' is another gorgeous pop song, full of charm. 

A great guitar pop album, with many memorable songs and anthems. Highly recommended.

Friday, 4 September 2020

Nat Vazer - Is This Offensive and Loud?

Released: 29 May 2020
Label: Hotel Motel Records
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Australian Indie pop singer-songwriter, Nat Vazer is a recent discovery for me. Her new album is a great listen and well worth investigating.

It opens with 'Like Demi' which is very raw and honest lyrically. It seems to be quite a personal song in which she reminisces about her past self and a relationship.

'Higher Places' is my favourite song here and is very heartfelt with elements of dream pop. The sound is slightly reminiscent of Beach House. It is also quite anthemic in quality.

'Grateful' manages to sound like Nirvana, The Beatles and Radiohead, all in one song. Of course it is right up my street! It is quite angry in tone and questions how women are treated in society. 

Another favourite here is 'Mother' which is stripped-back and a heartbreaking song. It has themes of loneliness and families growing apart. 

A superb album, with so much beauty as well as melancholy. Highly recommended.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Red Cavalry - Give Me A Sign

Released: 2 Sep 2020
Label: _
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Red Cavalry are a new band from Wales and Germany. Their new single really caught my attention, demonstrating some of the most perfect jangle pop I have heard all year.

'Give Me A Sign' is superbly melodic with catchy hooks. The simplicity of course recalls The Beatles and The Beach Boys. There are more 80s jangle vibes too.

It is a song to have on repeat and at only just over 2 minutes long, it doesn't outstay its welcome and leaves you wanting more. 

There is an album and extra songs on Spotify which I will be checking out. Definitely a band to watch out for.


Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Rick Irregular - The Litany Lament

Released: 18 Jul 2020
Label: _
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Rick Irregular, from Manchester UK, is a new discovery for me. He was previously in cult Post Punk band - Thrush Puppies. This album is actually a collection of demos spanning from 1997 - 2017.

The song - 'Recently' is what caught my attention and why I am reviewing this. A highly melodic and moving breakup song, with anthemic 90s jangle vibes. The sound brought to mind Longpigs and Teenage Fanclub. Its a song I could see reaching a larger audience.

The rest of the album is a lot heavier sounding more like Joy Division and The Fall. 'In Column Miscellaneous' is dark and moody with thought provoking lyrics. It is slightly reminiscent of The Cure - A Forest. 

Other highlights include 'Bloody Winter in New York' which has dalek like vocals and is very Post Punk. It is quite enjoyable even though its not my usual type of thing and has great energy. Another favourite is 'She's My Monomania' which is heavy but still manages to have pop hooks. 

A collection of songs well worth checking out, especially for the song 'Recently' which will blow you away.