Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Cool Ghouls - At George's Zoo

Released: 12 Mar 2021
Label: Empty Cellar/Melodic Records
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Cool Ghouls, from San Francisco, are back with a new album of superbly written guitar pop with 60s Psych vibes. There are many bands around influenced by The Byrds/Gene Clark and The Beach Boys, but I think this band are amongst the best in the genre. None of the songs here sound too close to a particular band or song.   

The album opens with 'Its Over' which has some great vocal harmonies and interesting melodies/arrangements. There are of course hints of Crosby, Stills and Nash. 'To You I'm Bound' is a feelgood anthem, which is Summery and uplifting on the coldest days. It has a superb saxophone solo which is unexpected for this music.

'Helpless Circumstance' is the standout track here. It is instantly memorable with strong hooks, and a great example of recent Psych pop.

Other highlights include the stripped-back acoustic ballad - 'How Free' which again has classic 60s vibes. Lyrically it is heartfelt and melancholic - 'In the evening we drink apple wine and you hold me, whisper like the pines. In the morning you open up your eyes, and disappear in the pale blue sky.' 

'Feel Like Getting High' is another favourite here, which is also melodic and uplifting with some quirky, yet dark lyrics.

An epic album full of great harmonies and enjoyable pop hooks. Highly recommended, especially if you like 60s Psych.