Friday, 18 December 2020

Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans - Love and Optimism

Released: 27 Oct 2020
Label: A Turntable Friend
Listen and Buy Here

Davey Woodward, from Bristol UK, is a new discovery for me. He was originally in 80s jangle band The Brilliant Corners. His new album is a superb listen and less jangly, instead with hints of 90s indie rock. 

'Bad Day' opens the album and had vibes of Pavement and R.E.M. It is quite hard-hitting about lifes struggles - loneliness and money worries. The lyrics are vividly detailed and it really puts you in the place of the narrator.

'Hard' is a heartbreaking ballad about a failing relationship. The lyrics are quite bleak - 'My face is lined, from this endless road. The black rainbows where nothing flows.'

My favourite here is the gloriously melodic 'Northern Slopes'. It is a lot more simple than the majority of the songs here, and instantly memorable. It is good to have something a bit more light-hearted as many of the songs here are quite dark.

Other highlights include 'Occupy this Space' which is an honest and heartfelt love song. Again, it is wonderfully melodic and the hints of brass are so effective too. 'The Mall' has superb storytelling, reminiscent of Dylan, and is a sad song about coming to terms with loss - 'So how come I'm the one thats still alive, when you're the one who was supposed to survive?' It ends on 'Clara's Ghost' which has more folk vibes and hints of Velvet Underground. 

An essential listen, with heartfelt songs and vivid storytelling. Highly recommended.

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