Tuesday, 22 November 2022

The Lunar Towers - Hurry Up and Wait EP

Released: 18 Nov 2022
Label: Colorama Records
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The Lunar Towers are a new band from London and this is their debut EP. It is full of superbly melodic indie pop with great hooks. 

Opening song 'Plastic Glass Towers' is very jangly, recalling late 80s/early 90s indie pop. The guitars are quite fast and energetic, with hints of RIDE and early Teenage Fanclub.

'Southern Love' is wonderfully uplifting, Byrds-inspired guitar pop. It is infectiously catchy and a song to enjoy on repeat.

My favourite here is the lovely ballad 'Back To You' which is simple and heartfelt, with hints of The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning. Again, the hooks are superb and it is instantly memorable.
A great EP, from a band well worth investigating. Highly recommended.

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