Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Os Noctambulos - Silence Kills

Released: 29 Nov 2019
Label: Stolen Body Records
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Parisian Psych band Os Noctambulos are fairly new and this album is a fantastic listen. There are many other purveyors of retro 60's psych but this is done so well, it sounds authentic. 

'Sanitise Me' opens the album brilliantly. It has a very raw sound and brought to mind The 13th Floor Elevators. The vocals are almost screamed giving it a heavy sound, but it still has the strong hooks of guitar pop.

'Living A Lie' is my favourite song here and a lot more melodic. The harmonies are dreamy and its instantly catchy and memorable. It is still very 60's sounding, reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane. 'Come Back To Me' is another highlight. A simple yet beautiful song, with great use of strings and lovely harmonies.

It ends on the sublime 'Is She There?' which is so heartfelt and almost timeless in quality. A highly recommended album.

The band also have another project with a slightly different lineup called 'The Necessary Separations'. This album has more Americana vibes and is also well worth checking out. Full of superb songs and beautiful pedal steel. Listen to the album here

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