Friday, 17 December 2021

Moonlight Parade - What If?

Released: 26 Nov 2021
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Moonlight Parade, from Worthing UK, are back with a new album. It is a superb listen, full of melodic and memorable jangle pop gems.   

Their sound recalls the 90s indie of Oasis' softer sounding music. Album opener 'Amsterdam' is quite anthemic, but it is enjoyable with lovely melodies and heartfelt vocals.   

My favourite here is the sublime 'Hanging Around', which I had on repeat in the Summer. It has hints of The La's and is a laid back love song of the highest standard.

Other highlights include 'The Way I Feel', which has lovely harmonies and melancholic lyrics. 'No Way of Knowing' is more psych sounding and brought to mind The Beta Band. 'White Horses' is more stripped back, acoustic Folk and is an emotional listen.

A hugely enjoyable album, full of guitar pop gems. Highly recommended.

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