Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Sky Diving Penguins - Sky Diving Penguins

Released: 1 Dec 2021
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Sky Diving Penguins, from Tbilisi, Georgia, are a recent discovery for me. This is their long awaited debut album, after an EP back in 2001.   

Their sound is heavily Beatles inspired, especially the opener 'I Don't Want, I Don't Care'. It is a piano driven ballad, with devastating lyrics and themes of depression. As English is not their first language, not all of it makes perfect sense but it is so heartfelt and shows fragility.   

'Serotonin' has a heavier edge and is very 90s with Nirvana vibes. 'This is Breaking Me Apart' is a gorgeous Folk song with hints of Radiohead. There are some lovely vocal harmonies and intricate flute playing. The variety of sounds and styles on this album means it always manages to be captivating.

My favourite here is 'Run Boy' a charming pop song, with psychedelic lyrics. It describes a perfect place with candy rainbows, trees made of bubblegum e.t.c. and where 'everyone is a Beatles fan'. Its about finding happiness, and is just over 2 minutes of pure joy. 

Other highlights include the epic 'About One Hermit' which has beautiful orchestral production and is hugely emotional. 'Depressed or Bored' has 60s Psych vibes with quirky, yet wistful lyrics - "Anyone can be unsure. As I grow old, time only matters."

A magnificent debut, full of wonderfully written songs with so much depth. Highly recommended.

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