Friday, 19 March 2021

Dunkie - The Vanishing and Other Stories EP

Released: 19 Mar 2021
Label: Dirty Carrot Records
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Dunkie, from Wales, return with a new EP, after 2019's epic album Working To Design. If you have not heard it, I'd strongly recommend checking it out. One of the best albums of that year and a unique masterpiece, full of wonderful songwriting and artwork. 

The thing I love about this band is their ability to create something so powerful and moving so effortlessly. On this new EP they continue to do that. It opens with 'The Vanishing' which is really haunting and beautiful. The melody has hints of New Order - True Faith. It has a huge soaring chorus which will blow you away.

'Shadows On The Sun' is more heartfelt indie, with memorable melodies. My favourite here is 'Choke', a re-working of a song from the Working To Design album. This version is quite stripped back and features the delicate vocals of Mali Davies. It offers a new fragility to song.  

'Deep Dark Heart' has more Folk/Country vibes and is a lovely duet. It is superbly orchestrated with violins, strings e.t.c. 

It ends on 'The Vanishing Shadow' (vocals by Lauren Cotes) which is very atmospheric. It wouldn't feel out of place on a film soundtrack, and is again very powerful. 

A superb EP, full of wonderfully produced and crafted songs. Highly recommended.

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