Sunday, 22 November 2020

Teenage Waitress - Love and Chemicals

Released: 13 Nov 2020
Label: Colorama Records
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Teenage Waitress is the work of Southampton based Singer-Songwriter - Daniel J Ash. This is his debut and it is full of catchy, melodic indie pop gems. Daniel was previously in the band - The Lost Boys and their song 'Addicted' is well worth checking out too. 

Highlights of the album include 'The Mess You Made Me Make' which is wonderfully anthemic and upbeat. There are hints of 80s electronic, but not overwhelmingly so and it still sounds modern. The hooks recall all the finest Power Pop of the 70s. 

'I'm Leaving Berlin' is superbly catchy with an infectious chorus you can sing along to. There is also a hint of melancholy in the lyrics. 

My favourite here is 'You Ain't Got It Bad' which is instantly memorable and highly melodic indie pop. I could imagine this being a huge hit at the Festivals in the Summer. 'First Draft Love Song' has more chilled, ambient vibes and reminisces about a past love. The layered vocal harmonies in the production really add to the emotion.

'Maniac' is upbeat and poppy but quite dark in theme, singing of a disastrous date. 'You'll Lose My Love' is another favourite here, a simple love song with early Beatles vibes. Epic ballad - 'Sweetie' brings the album to an impressive close.

A hugely enjoyable listen, full of memorable, anthemic pop goodness. Highly recommended.

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