Friday, 6 November 2020

Rosie Abbott - Magnified

Released: 2 Oct 2020
Label: _
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Rosie Abbott, a singer-songwriter from Nottingham, UK, is a new discovery for me. I was drawn in when I first heard her single 'Hold On', as part of the Big Stir singles series. The B-side to this - 'I Don't Mean To Block Your Sunlight' is superbly catchy and I found it hard to believe it was only a b-side.

Her album Magnified is a wonderful listen with hints of Baroque pop and more experimental Folk. It opens with 'Magnified' which is a piano driven ballad, with later Beatles vibes. The layered vocal harmonies are very impressive.

'I Confess' is a dark and moody ballad with melancholic lyrics. The theme is regret and reflecting on a past relationship. Musically, it is arranged perfectly with a great guitar solo at the end.

Other highlights include 'Alice Died', which is more upbeat and folky with elements of storytelling. Lyrically, it is heartbreaking - "So sad to see how she'd become as brittle as a flower drying."

'Always Time' is another favourite here, a simple, stripped back song with lovely vocal harmonies. 'Yes' is an intricate, emotional folk song and an acceptance of a marriage proposal. 'The Look in our Eyes' is the most 'pop' song on the album and brilliantly melodic with inventive lyrics. 

A wonderfully accomplished album, especially as Abbott self-recorded this in lockdown. Highly recommended.


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