Sunday, 1 November 2020

The Thomas Scott Quintet - Marionette

Released: 22 Nov 2020, Pre-order now
Label: AV8 Records
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Tommy Scott, better known as the singer of Britpop band - Space, releases his debut solo album. It is a beautiful listen, and a modern Baroque pop masterpiece. 

It opens with 'Shadowland' which is wonderfully atmospheric and eerie. The production is highly orchestral with sweeping strings. The guitar work is also superb with some epic guitar solos. His distinct, powerful voice suits the music perfectly.

'She Smokes Oblivious' is a fine example of indie/guitar pop. Its hard to find comparisons, as its so unique, but it brought to mind Echo & The Bunnymen. 

The standout here was 'Crowded World' which again reminded me of Ocean Rain era Bunnymen, with its grandeur. The lyrics express such a sadness and longing. 'Marionette' has some dark lyrics and is divinely orchestrated. It also brought to mind Nick Cave in places.

Other highlights include 'End of the World', a gorgeous ballad. It is highly melodic and perhaps a bit more subtle than most of the songs here. Again, it had classic 60s baroque pop vibes. 'God Made Me Ugly' is more upbeat, anthemic guitar pop and very enjoyable.

It ends on 'Treasure Chest' which is hugely emotional and again beautifully produced. A stunning album, full of powerful songs. A highly recommended listen.

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