Friday, 20 November 2020

Allyson Seconds - Bag of Kittens

Released: 14 Nov 2020
Label: Big Stir
Listen and Buy Here

Allyson Seconds is a new discovery for me. This is a reissue of her debut album from 2009. I don't normally review too many reissues but this didn't get the attention it deserved, first time round.

It was written and produced by Anton Barbeau, one of Psych/Power Pop's best 'lost' songwriters. He has had a busy year, having already released two albums, including the epic double album Manbird.

'I Used To Say Your Name' is one of my favourite songs here. A very moving ballad. Allyson's subtle vocals suit the music perfectly and it has a lot of warmth.  'Boat Called Home' has country vibes and reminded me of some of Paul McCartney's solo music

Other highlights here include 'If I Could Bring You Trouble' which is a lovely duet with Anton. It is highly melodic and memorable with 60s vibes and a hint of Psych. 'Dig My Pig' has a lot of Byrdsian charm and the high vocals really add to the emotion. 

Title track 'Bag of Kittens' is wonderfully quirky. It has a childlike sense of fun. Also on the release are four unreleased bonus tracks. The best of these is 'Octagon' which is uplifting, summery guitar pop at its finest.

A really enjoyable listen, full of well-written melodic songs which will stay with you. Highly recommended.

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