Friday, 11 September 2020

Colours Through The Air Autumn Playlist

So Autumn is upon us and for a bit of fun, I have put together a playlist of my favourite Autumnal songs. There is a mixture of recent and old but I feel all of these really capture the magic of the season.

The opening song could only be RW Hedges - Amber Room which was released last year. You can read the review here  There are a couple of songs from his songwriting partner Luca Nieri as well, whose music particularly feels Autumnal for me. A review for his new album can be found here

Some of my other favourites are The Superimposers - Autumn Falls, and The Asteroid No. 4 - The Windmill of the Autumn Sky. I've also included some classics from The Kinks (you could probably guess which), The Pale Fountains, Big Star, The Beach Boys and Dusty Springfield. 

I hope you all enjoy. If its a success I might have to do a Winter one next.

You can listen to the Spotify playlist, including more songs here:

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