Friday, 18 September 2020

The Electorate - You Don't Have Time To Stay Lost

Released: 18 Sept 2020
Label: _
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The Electorate, from Sydney Australia, are a new discovery for me and this is their debut. It is full of melodic and energetic guitar pop gems.

It opens with 'Number 1' which is dark and moody with vivid philosophical lyrics. 'Enormous Glorious Girl' is much more light-hearted and a superb pop song. It has a chorus that really soars.

Other highlights include 'If I Knew' which has to be my favourite here. Brilliantly melodic and anthemic, reminiscent of the best of 00s indie/guitar pop, such as Idlewild e.t.c. Right up my street and it even name drops Fugazi who are obviously an influence here.

'Hercules' has 90s Britpop meets Sgt Peppers Beatles vibes, and themes of climate change with quirky lyrics - 'Well its been strange, strange weather we've been having. Think we've gone down twisting in a sea of plastic.'

'A Good Man' has some great guitar riffs. If you like a slightly heavier edge, this band is for you. Lyrically it is quite angry and has themes of Womens rights - 'You should be able to walk without feeling threatened. You should be able to wear whatever the hell that you want to.'

A superb debut album, full of anthemic indie, covering some important issues. Highly recommended.

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