Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The National Honor Society - To All The Glory We Never Had

Released: 28 May 2020
Label: Kocliko Records
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This is a great album from about 4 months ago which had passed me by. The National Honor Society, from Seattle, are a new discovery for me and they have 90s jangle vibes.

It opens with 'Turn Me On' which has a slightly heavier edge but is still super catchy and energetic. I hear hints of Oasis but it does not have the sneer and attitude and is a lot more fun.

'Everybody Lives and Breathes' has 90s Britpop vibes and an ultra melodic chorus like the more Psychedelic side to The Beatles.

'Crystalize' is more melodic pop goodness, with highly memorable hooks. The album does require a few listens to really appreciate it fully. 'First Among The Last' has more 80s vibes and synths.

The standout song for me is 'Never Gonna Make It Happen' which has some superb harmonies and hints of 60s jangle, complete with sha la la la's. 'When We Ruled The School' is another gorgeous pop song, full of charm. 

A great guitar pop album, with many memorable songs and anthems. Highly recommended.

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  1. I really enjoyed this band. Thanks for highlighting them! Cheers.