Wednesday, 20 November 2019

RW Hedges - Amber Room

Released: 22 Nov 2019
Label: Wonderfulsound
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One of my favourite songwriters around today - RW Hedges, returns with a new song - 'Amber Room'. It is a heartfelt ballad, full of yearning, with a magical autumnal feel to it.

As with this year's album 'The Hills Are Old Songs' it also involves the help of songwriting partner - Luca Nieri. This new song is just as sublime as anything on that album and on first listen, I was overcome with emotion.

The concept of the song is longing for something unattainable. 'Amber Room', is a reference to the historical treasure room which was lost during World War II. The accompanying video is full of imagery of this and has a kaleidoscopic feel to it.

The sound is wonderfully melodic, recalling The Beatles and The Left Banke in places. There is also a hint of country, due to the impressive pedal steel provided by Matt Allwright (TV presenter). The song is also superb lyrically, with feelings of sadness - 'My tears have eyes, blinded with a mind that haunts me.' 

All in all, the song is beautifully written and produced. The harmonies and vocals are delivered perfectly. A highly majestic song.

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