Tuesday, 12 November 2019

The Fast Camels - Full of Strange

Released: 2 Dec 2019
Label: Magic Optician Records
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Glasgow's The Fast Camels are a new discovery for me but have been on the scene since 2007. This album is the first I have heard by them and it is a superb blend of 60's West coast Psychedelia and melodic guitar pop.

It opens with 'Blissful Serenity' an energetic wave of anthemic psych pop goodness. It drew to mind, Love - She Comes in Colors. 

The beautiful 'Caught in a Dream' is another favourite here and is more ambient sounding. 'The Wedding' is a lot darker and goes off at a weird tangent towards the end, its sound also recalls Syd Barrett.

'Sordid Dreams' is the standout track and my favourite on the album, with strong hooks and lovely harmonies in the chorus. 'Honeymoon' has a brilliant heavy guitar riff and raw sound. It also descends into a strange and wonderful chaos towards the end.

All in all, this is an excellent retro psych pop album. The songs are superbly written and it captures the sound of 60's Psychedelia so well. Highly recommended.

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