Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Gospelbeach - Let It Burn

Released: 15 Oct 2019
Label: Alive Records
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This is the third album from Brent Rademaker's band (also of Beachwood Sparks). I have been following the band from California for a while and love their Americana tinged melodic rock sound.

Let It Burn has more slower ballads than their previous record and is not quite as upbeat. It demonstrates the skilled guitar work of Neal Casal who sadly passed away earlier this year.  

It opens with 'Bad Habits' a big, emotion filled ballad, which is really quite beautiful. The guitar solos towards the end are so impressive and reminiscent of those from the 70's. It particularly brought to mind Neil Young. 

'Dark Angel' is my favourite song on the album and has Tom Petty vibes. It is one of the strongest songs they have written and is so anthemic I could imagine it reaching a much wider audience. 'I'm So High' follows and is more uplifting in contrast. It has that classic rock swagger and is full of attitude.

Other highlights include the Beatles esque, more piano led 'Unswung' which is upbeat and fun. 'Good Kid' recalls the sound of their previous record more, especially 'In The Desert' and there are some lovely harmonies in the chorus. 

Title song 'Let It Burn' ends the album and is quite moody in  sound. On the whole, this is a strong album, magnificent in musicianship and songwriting. A much recommended listen.

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