Saturday, 16 November 2019

The Late Pioneers - Close Enough EP

Released: 18 Oct 2019
Label: _
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The Late Pioneers are another new discovery for me. Their EP is a great listen. It has vibes of Teenage Fanclub and The Velvet Underground and quite a lo-fi production. 

Opening song 'Let Me Tell You How It Hurts' is the strongest song here. A superb pop song, heartfelt and full of melody. The chiming guitars are reminiscent of The Byrds. 

'Go Fishing' is a more of a slow ballad about life, with thoughtful lyrics and a laid-back feel. 'Into the Mud' is a lot more lo-fi and draws from different influences especially The Velvet Underground. It also reminded me of a more recent band - Ultimate Painting (who I loved until they sadly split up last year!).

'Leaving Today' is a lot more 60's. A simple song with Beatles and Kinks vibes. The harmonies are perfect and although its very short, its very satisfying.

This is a wonderful EP, full of memorable songs with great hooks and melodies. I hope there is a lot more to come from them. 

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