Friday, 13 March 2020

Luca Nieri - Always You

Released: 27 March 2020
Label: Wonderfulsound
Listen and Buy Here

London songwriter - Luca Nieri, is one of UK Folk music's greatest talents. His new record is a beautiful listen, full of subtle, fragile songs. It is, of course, wonderfully crafted and produced. 

The album includes a number of covers which, unless you were familiar with the original, you would have thought were Luca's own. He adds his own unique style and magic to the songs, not often found in music today. They are a joy to listen to.

It opens with 'Chasing Love', his version of the Bert Jansch classic. It is superb and has laid back jazzy vibes. 'Always You' is an original and it too has hints of 50s jazz and a timeless quality to it. There is also a hint of melancholy.

My favourite song here is the enchanting 'This Time I Would Know', a cover of the lost 50s love song by The Browns. It has so much charm and the harmonies are stunning. On first listen it had me quite emotional. I can really see the influence it has on Luca, and of course RW Hedges too.

'Scarlet Sails' is another of Luca's own (RW Hedges co-wrote the lyrics), a short and simple lullaby with gorgeous harmonies and poetic lyrics - 'Underneath the canopy, stars come out to view. Deep dark blue. When the scarlet sails arrive from the open sea. I've lost you.'

Another highlight is 'Farewell, Farewell', a lovely rendition of the Fairport Convention song. It ends on 'Leon's Song', a marvelous instrumental, which is so well crafted and very moving. A superb album, which although short, it really is perfect. His best album, and the best album of the year so far.

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