Monday, 8 June 2020

The Vapour Trails - Golden Sunshine

Released: 19 June 2020
Label: Futureman Records
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Scottish band - The Vapour Trails are back with the follow up to their album 'See You In The Next World' (which finished towards the top of the Colours Through The Air best of 2019 List). I had really high expectations for this album and it didn't disappoint.

The new one is more 60s Psych guitar pop greatness. Opening song 'Golden Sunshine' was familiar to me. It was originally released as a demo on the 'Godspeed It' single from last year. This new recording really brings the song to life with sparkling guitar riffs and superb harmonies.

'Dr Barnes' strongly recalls The Beatles and The Byrds, who are clearly the biggest influences here. 'Lonely Man' is the best song (other than Golden Sunshine) on the album and a great memorable guitar pop anthem. 

'Sometimes (Thinking of You)' is more of a moody ballad and sounds different to anything else on the album. The focus is more on the vocal harmonies and the lyrics are quite heartbreaking. 'Nothing rearranges. I'm spinning to the ground from your roundabout.'

Other highlights include 'Strange' which has a big anthemic chorus. 'Behind you' features an opening riff reminiscent of Gene Clark's  Elevator Operator, obviously a deliberate reference. The band wear their influences on their sleeve. 'The Conversation' has more Mexican vibes, and melodically it brought to mind Husker Du - Pink Turns To Blue.

'Why Wonder Why' has vibes of Love - Live and Let Live. The album closes on the beautifully delicate 'Seabird'. A strong follow up album, and the songs really shine. Perfect Summery guitar pop. 

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