Sunday, 21 June 2020

Reno Bo - You Can See It All From Here

Released: 1 May 2020
Label: You Are The Cosmos
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Reno Bo is a songwriter from Nashville and a recent discovery for me. His new album is superb guitar pop with some Americana vibes. He also plays in the band Neon Castles.

'Baby Blues' is anthemic indie rock with a chorus that really soars. There is some great guitar work, which is the case throughout the album

My favourite song here is 'Second to Last' a beautiful pop song. It had Wilco and XO era Elliott Smith vibes. 'Take Cover' is another lovely song and more 80s sounding with hints of Springsteen

Other highlights include 'Old Glories' which is wonderfully melodic with wistful lyrics and feelings of longing. 'This Time Again Tomorrow' is another favourite of mine and has Crosby, Stills & Nash vibes.

It ends on the epic title track 'You Can See It All From Here', which is is a very moving ballad and brought to mind R.E.M. 'Everybody Hurts'. 

A really enjoyable album, with well written songs and superb musicianship. Highly recommended.

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