Wednesday, 10 June 2020

The Devonns - The Devonns

Released: 5 June 2020
Label: Record Kicks
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Soul group The Devonns are from Chicago and this is their debut album. Its a different genre from the albums I typically review here, but I was really drawn in by this.

I was first aware of them a couple of years ago when I found their song 'Come Back' on the International Pop Overthrow Vol. 21 Power Pop compilation. It is the opening song here, and an epic ballad. It has the magic of old Soul and Motown from the 60s. The chorus really soars and the strings towards the end of the song add to the emotional impact. 

'Tell Me' has hints of Sam Cooke and sounds like it could have been a hit in the 60s era. 'Think I'm Falling in Love' is a ballad of the highest standard. Again the orchestral production makes this sound timeless.

'Blood Red Blues (Protest Song)' is a heartfelt and hard-hitting song against gun violence. The issue is communicated so well in the lyrics - 'We all know what we've got to say, but everybodys scared of the NRA'

Another highlight was 'So in Love With You' which is beautiful and has a laid back feel to it. A magical album. Perfect listening for Summer evenings.

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