Friday, 12 June 2020

Gary Olson - Gary Olson

Released: 29 May 2020
Label: Tapete Records
Listen and Buy Here

Gary Olson, from New York, is better known as the singer of Indie pop/Psych band - The Ladybug Transistor. The band released some great music, 90s onwards. I am particularly fond of The Albemarle Sound (1999) and Can't Wait Another Day (2007) albums.

This is his first Solo album and its full of beautifully melodic, sophisticated pop songs. The sound is reminiscent of bands like The Pearlfishers and a lot of the music you get on Marina Records.

Opening song 'Navy Boats' is sublime and quite melancholic, singing of lost ships in a bygone era. The production is wonderful with the strings and trumpets towards the end. 

'Giovanna Please' is my favourite song here. The beautiful strings make this so uplifting. There are elements of storytelling, which is the case throughout the album. A lot of characters are mentioned.

Other highlights include 'Some Advice' which again has descriptive and wistful lyrics. The melodies are slightly 80s sounding and very memorable. 'Afternoon into Evening' is a more upbeat pop song and had Go-Betweens vibes.

A lovely and relaxing listen. Perfect for hazy Summer days. Highly recommended.  

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