Saturday, 30 May 2020

Night Heron - I Heard You Dreaming

Released: 29 May 2020
Label: Subjangle
Listen and Buy Here

Night Heron is the work of Michael Telles, a Teacher of Massachusetts. This is a wonderful compilation comprising of the best songs from his large back catalogue on Bandcamp. 

His sound is beautifully subtle and ambient, with hints of Elliott Smith and The Byrds. It does have a lot of elements of Dream Pop, which is not a preferred genre of mine, but this was surprisingly enjoyable.

Opening song 'Only in the Summer' is really laid back and chilled. The layered vocal harmonies are very effective and the production is quite raw and DIY. 

My favourite song here is '3 A.M. Again' which has an ethereal quality to it and just takes you to another place.

Other highlights include 'No Such Thing' which is more guitar pop and reminiscent of early Teenage Fanclub. 'I'll Get Back To Crying' has vague Americana vibes and has some lovely melodies and wistful lyrics.

'Committed' is probably the catchiest song here and the likeliest 'radio hit'. 'So Unlike Me' is another favourite here and more Folk in sound, bringing to mind Nick Drake.

A fine collection of Ambient sounding jangle, perfect for Summer. Highly recommended. 

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