Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Astrid - Storm Sessions EP

Released: 4 May 2020
Label: Wee Studio Records
Listen and Buy Here

Scottish jangle pop band - Astrid are a fairly new discovery for me. They have been around since the 90s, making harmony laden guitar pop. They seem to be largely underappreciated, and I'm not sure why. Musically, they are close to fellow Scots - Teenage Fanclub. 

'Storm Sessions EP' consists of acoustic re-workings of some of their best songs. It opens with 'Distance', which is so beautiful and filled with lovely harmonies. The violins give it quite a folk feel as well. A perfect, summery pop song. 

'Falling and Flying' is a Country song and a cover of Jeff Bridges' classic. Again, the vocal harmonies really lift the song. 

My favourite song here is 'Modes of Transport', which is another of their own. This version offers a more 'Folk' take on it and works just as well as the guitar pop original. It is quite a simple song and melodically strong, especially in the chorus.

It ends on 'Poison Reaction' which is an Acoustic version of a song from their latest album from last year. This one is also more Country sounding.

A hugely enjoyable EP and I'd highly recommend checking out their albums 'B Sides' and 'Play Dead' to start with too. A superb, yet somehow overlooked band.

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