Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Tremendous - Relentless

Released: 15 May 2020
Label: Horrendous Records
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Tremendous are a new band from Birmingham UK and this is their debut album. Their sound is a fusion of Glam rock, Power Pop and even a bit of Punk.

It opens with 'Don't Leave Our Love (Open For Closing)' a big ballad. It is a combination of the 90s Brit pop of Suede, and 70s Glam of Bowie. The overall sound and production is quite polished like 80s stadium rock. I'm not a huge fan of the examples I have mentioned here but this album was surprisingly enjoyable.

'Like Dreamers Do' is the standout song here and a really anthemic pop song. I could imagine this getting regular radio airplay and being sung by large crowds at music festivals.

Other highlights include 'Rock N Roll Satellite' which is reminiscent of Bowie at his most 'pop' stage and is extremely catchy. It even references the 'Spiders on Mars' in the lyrics. 'Heart Sinker' has a heavier punk edge, yet still has strong hooks and is full of energy. The terrific 'Hell is only a Blessing Away' is another favourite here, I love the loud to quiet dynamic.

On the whole, this is a great debut and there are some sensational pop songs here. Definitely a band to watch out for and if anyone could potentially start a guitar music revival, its them.

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