Sunday, 5 April 2020

Super 8 - Head Sounds

Released: 27 March 2020
Label: Subjangle
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UK songwriter - Super 8 (also known as Paul Ryan), is a superb and relatively unheard talent in the guitar pop genre. His new album is wonderfully melodic and rich in memorable hooks and harmonies.

'Dragonfly' is a great opener, with the 60s psych vibes of The Beatles and The Hollies. Lyrically it is quite playful in tone. 'Bones' is also fun with a sound reminiscent of Graceland era Paul Simon. It builds up to an impressive ending with a range of different sounds. The arrangement and orchestration of the songs is always done well and with high attention to detail.

'Love Like Ours' is the highlight of the album. A great pop song, anthemic in quality, with a superb chorus. It is a song I could imagine reaching a far wider audience and it will definitely have you singing along. 'Across The Universe' is another highlight - a very moving rendition of The Beatles classic.

'Bebopalula' is incredibly catchy and still has that cool 60s psych quality and swagger. 'In My Room' is the only other cover, and pays homage to The Beach Boys, obviously also a big influence here. It is a stunning version and a more modern take on the song. It is done in his own style, rather than being a near exact copy, which can often be the case with covers.

A hugely enjoyable album, with well-written songs throughout. Highly recommended.

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