Monday, 10 February 2020

We Could Be Aeroplanes - Mountains EP

Released: 2 Feb 2020
Label: _
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I found myself going back to this lovely EP from indie pop band We Could Be Aeroplanes. They are a recent discovery for me and are from Torquay, UK. 

The song 'Mountains' is highly emotional and raw, about losing someone to depression. It is a  theme which is too often avoided. The subject is communicated so effectively here in this heartfelt and sensitive song.

'When you said you were lonely, I didn't understand that you were reaching out for me, reaching out for my hand.'

These words are repeated and it is heartbreaking. So often, people who seem to be going on as normal, can be suffering inside and it goes unnoticed. 

The band's sound recalls 80s indie pop such as The Go-Betweens and The Smiths. 

'Beach' is a moving song which has themes of climate change and pollution. 'Chase Sequence' is an instrumental which reminded me of early Teenage Fanclub.

A great EP, which raises awareness on some important issues. Highly recommended.

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