Thursday, 13 February 2020

Dropkick - The Scenic Route

Released: 7 Feb 2020
Label: Sound Asleep/Bobo Integral
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I have been aware of Scottish jangle pop band - Dropkick for a few years. As soon as I listened to the 'Good Vibes' compilation, I was hooked. They are fantastic at writing ultra melodic, summery pop songs, and this is demonstrated further here.

It opens with 'Feeling Never Goes Away' which is about as perfect a 2 minute pop song as you will ever hear. It is so uplifting, straight away recalling The Byrds and Teenage Fanclub.

Other highlights include 'Catching On' which has some lovely harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. 'A Matter of Time' is another sweet love song, simple yet well-written and memorable. 'Home Early' is an emotional listen, as is the beautiful closing song 'You'll Always Be There'. The latter has slight Americana vibes too.

Dropkick don't stray away too much from their comfort zone of guitar pop ballads, but this is a good thing and it is a very enjoyable listen. Especially 'Feeling Never Goes Away' which made it feel as though Summer had come early. A superb album.

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