Saturday, 15 February 2020

Peter Hall - There's Something Wrong With Everyone EP

Released: 31 Jan 2020
Label: _
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Songwriter - Peter Hall from Nottingham, UK, is a new discovery for me. This sublime EP of highly sophisticated, melodic guitar pop is a much recommended listen.

It opens with 'Hold Me', a lovely ballad with hints of Soul and beautiful harmonies in the chorus. The sound is reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub's later output. 

'Blood Flow' is a heartfelt song with themes of life, death and love lyrically - 'Soon all I'll be is a dim memory with a photograph to represent me. I know this will happen, its all that I'm certain about, but I don't know when it will be.' However the song is more about making the most of life rather than dwelling on it. 

My favourite song on the EP is the wonderful 'Everything is Fading Fast', which is an incredibly moving listen. The soaring, orchestral production really adds to the emotional impact. A delicate and heartbreaking acoustic song - 'She Fell From The Sky' ends the EP.  

A great EP with superbly crafted, thoughtful songs. Highly recommended.

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