Wednesday, 12 February 2020

A Girl Called Eddy - Been Around

Released: 17 Jan 2020
Label: Elefant Records
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This is the first record from A Girl Called Eddy (a.k.a. Erin Moran) in 16 years and it is a wonderful listen. It is full of big, highly melodic songs with a timeless quality to them.

I was first aware of her music through 'The Last Detail' (a collaboration project with Mehdi Zannad of Fugu). Their self titled album from 2018, is also well worth checking out.

'Been Around' starts off the album and it is a classic Soul-inspired ballad. Her sound is very sophisticated and recalls The Carpenters at times.

'Jody' is a heartfelt pop song, in which she reminisces about a past love. Even though the theme is quite sad, the song never feels that way. 

'Charity Shop Window' is just beautiful with wistful lyrics and big orchestral production. The highlight of the album for me is the superb 'Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart'. An uplifting pop song with a stunning chorus and fantastic hooks. 

'Two Hearts' is another Pop gem with a slightly heavier edge. Lovely Folk song - 'NY Man' is another favourite of mine. The production has Nick Drake vibes.

A beautiful album, full of thoughtful songs with a hint of melancholy. Highly recommended.

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