Thursday, 3 October 2019

The Prescriptions - Hollywood Gold

Released: Apr 2019
Label: _
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Tennessee's The Prescriptions are a new discovery for me and this review comes a little late, but this album is too good not to have a mention here.  

The band's sound is heavily inspired by Big Star, with some Americana influences, such as The Jayhawks too.

It opens with the beautifully atmospheric 'Setting Sun'. It starts off laid back but by the end is quite heavy and really draws you in.

Title track 'Hollywood Gold' is the standout song here. It is one of those songs which is so good, it will stop you in your tracks on first hearing. It is a ballad so perfect, both lyrically and melodically, it fills me with emotion on every listen. 

'She is Waiting' is another great song with strong hooks and chorus. The balance of Americana with more traditional rock and Power Pop, works so well. 

'Broken Wing' is an epic, heartbreaking ballad with some great guitar solos towards the end. Closer 'Days Go By' is another highlight, so sweet and heartfelt, like Big Star's Thirteen.

This is such a great debut and the strength of the songs here, really showcases their potential. I look forward to hearing what they do next. 

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