Friday, 4 October 2019

The Persian Leaps - Electrical Living

Released: 4 Oct 2019
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Minnesota Power Pop band - The Persian Leaps have been making music for a while and this is their second full length release after last year's best of - 'Pop that goes Crunch'.   

Electrical Living is the first record I have heard by them and is a good introduction. Its full of brilliantly catchy, hook laden songs, which will stick in your mind on first listen. 

'Catnip for Cupid' is a simple pop song but very effective and full of melody. The guitars are slightly heavy, with a pop punk edge. Their sound is reminiscent of 90's power pop/punk such as Superchunk in places. 'Sweet Nothings' is quite energetic and fun. 

My favourite song here is 'About Your Record' with a chorus so strong, and highly melodic, you will find yourself humming it to yourself. Again, the song is simple but it doesn't need anything else and really invites repeat listens. 

Break up song - 'The Problem Is' finds them straying away from their more upbeat energetic side. It provides the album with a more laid back ballad, which was much needed and it is a beautiful song. 'Chalk Line Behemoth' is more punk and echoes The Clash - 'Complete Control' in places. 

A hugely enjoyable listen, especially for 'About Your Record', which is one of my songs of the year. 

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