Sunday, 20 October 2019


Released: 18 Oct 2019
Label: Kool Kat Musik
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This is the debut album from Swedish Power Pop band - ANC4, and it is full of wonderfully catchy pop gems. The band is the new project of Roger Arvidson (Arvidson & Butterflies) and Tomas Nilsson (The Mop Tops).    

It opens with 'Easy Way Out' which has 60's jangle pop vibes. It is really summery and uplifting. Their sound recalls The Byrds and Teenage Fanclub.

'Do You Wanna' has infectious hooks and an insanely simple melody which stays in your head upon first hearing. The songs are all so well-crafted, the priority being on the harmonies which are always divine.

Another highlight is 'You Can Call Me Darling' a heartfelt love song, with country vibes. 'So Good To Me' demonstrates more superb pop songwriting, and that simplicity is often the key to effectiveness.

'Broken Tune' is a traditional love song which could fit into any era from the 60's onwards. The melody is vaguely reminiscent of The Beatles - I Need You. 

This is a hugely enjoyable album, especially for those who love jangle! Highly recommended.

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