Saturday, 12 October 2019

The Lilac Time - Return to Us

Released: 11 Oct 2019
Label: BMG
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Folk band - The Lilac Time have been around since the 80's and this is their 10th album. It is full of beautiful country-tinged, sometimes political songs. The songs are all superbly crafted and from the heart. Stephen Duffy is a favourite songwriter of mine and this album shows his usual brilliance.    

It opens with '(I'm) a Believer' which is so uplifting with an anthemic chorus. There are some lovely harmonies and it has a real warmth to it.

'March to the Docks' is a sad song with some references to the corrupt capitalist system - 'The have-it-alls have it in Hampstead. The have-nothings always pay.' 

'On The Hills of Cinnamon' sounds like a slowed-down country version of a song from their first album - 'Return to Yesterday'. It is nice that the link between the two albums, over 30 years apart, is always evident.

Title song 'Return To Us' is the most country-sounding song here. It is very upbeat melodically but angry in theme, about the flaws of humankind. 

'The River Runs Both Ways' is another highlight with deep, thought-provoking lyrics. My favourite song here is 'The Simple Things', which is very moving. The harmonies and big soaring production towards the end, really adds to the emotional impact. 

This is one of the most beautiful albums I have heard all year. Highly recommended. 

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