Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The Jellybricks - Some Kind of Lucky

Released: 4 Oct 2019
Label: Wicked Cool Records
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Pennsylvania's The Jellybricks have been around since the 90's, but I have only recently been aware of them. Their new album demonstrates some of the most enjoyable Power Pop I have heard all year. 

Opening song, 'Corner of My Eye' has superb hooks, heavy guitars and soaring harmonies. 'Brooklyn' is more of the same, with an anthemic chorus. The songs instantly stay with you on first listen. Their sound is a perfect mixture of melody and heavier punk, a lot like Sugar's Copper Blue. 

The best song here is 'Can't Get Over You', which is gloriously melodic and sounds like it could be a lost 90's college radio hit. 'No Money' is fun and simplistic with a lot of charm. 

'When its Gone' is another great, anthemic song. For this band, it is just effortless. The album ends on title track 'Some kind of Lucky', which is a beautiful ballad, unexpected and yet it fits in perfectly. 

This is a superb album and well worth checking out if you want memorable, melodic songs with a slightly heavier edge. 

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