Thursday, 21 January 2021

West Coast Music Club - Thinkin'

Released: 15 Jan 2021
Label: 72RPM Records
Listen and Buy Here

West Coast Music Club, from West Kirby UK, are a collective of songwriters/musicians. This is their latest single, written by Martin Adams. Although I was aware of their album from last year, this is their strongest song so far. 'If I Had A Dream' from the last album is of a very high standard too - brilliantly anthemic indie pop.

'Thinkin'' is more of the same and sounds like all the best indie from the 80s/90s. It particularly drew to mind The Go-Betweens and Teenage Fanclub. The melody and hooks are instantly memorable.

The lyrics are heartfelt and the simplicity of the overall song gives it so much charm. It definitely has summery vibes too as it is quite jangly and upbeat.

Well worth checking out, especially if you like any kind of melodic guitar pop. Highly recommended.

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