Wednesday, 6 January 2021

George Boomsma - Chinatown EP

Released: 6 Dec 2020
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George Boomsma, from Yorkshire UK, is a fairly recent discovery for me. His new EP is a beautiful listen, with fabulous orchestral arrangements. The sound bought to mind the Folk of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley.

Opening song 'Chinatown' is a delicate and heartfelt love song. It is intense with a lot of melancholy and the strings really add to the emotional impact. Lyrically, it is quite powerful and vividly describes a love slipping away - 'Your melted frame, it caused me to feel the point to insane, but you felt so real.'

'In Rose' is again intense and moody sounding. It has atmospheric orchestral production and would not sound out of place on the soundtrack of an epic film/tv drama. 

'SamSara' is a sweet and heartfelt song, reminiscing about love, family and happy times. It is a peaceful and moving listen.

It ends on 'Run On' which is charming, pastoral Folk. The instrumentation is beautiful with intricate guitar picking, reminiscent of Bert Jansch, and sweeping strings.

A magical EP which really takes you to another place when you listen. Highly recommended.

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  1. Got to agree, it is an excellent EP, a very interesting sound too. I think you got the influences spot on.